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Generalized Monthly Zodiac Horoscopes are waste of your time !!!.

Get Personalized horoscope made just for you, written by world-famous astrologer Art Poppe and Maria Rocelyn, the Monthly Forecast provides essential astrological information and is full of inspiration and advice on how the cosmos will affect you on day to day basis!!!. This insightful forecast will help you identify your best and luckiest days and will warn you of potentially troublesome times. Horoscope cannot be and would never be same (based on Zodiac Sun Signs) for all the people in the world. Any Astrologer in the world will tell you that they are a complete BS. You might find a few match some or the other day, but each individual in this world is unique even if they have the same Zodiac Sun Signs. Hence, We never provided these daily and monthly zodiac horoscopes on our websites, its like cheating your readers! If any person wants to get a real insight into whats coming in their life, their strengths and weakness, the positive and negative energies which are going to affect you, then YOU need to study your birth chart completely or get any astrologer to do it for you. Being the pioneer in the field of astrology for last 12 years, we have received various request of many of our users that they need a personalized horoscopes, so here it goes!

Get your most indepth perosnalized horoscope reports made by our experienced astrologers only for you!!!

Personalized Daily Horoscopes: For the very first time on Internet!

Our team of astrologers are all set to send you the most authentic and personalized Daily Horoscope reports for you! They are created taking into account your birth date, bith time and bith place. Our Astrologers create your birth chart and makes each report individually to help you in your day to day life. These would give you amazing Insights in your life to make right decisions at the right time.

Why you should get Personalized Daily Horoscopes?

Daily Horoscopes Created from your personalized birth chart only for you!!!

Daily Horoscopes Our Astrologers personally look over your birth chart and keeps you informed!

Daily Horoscopes Identify your best and luckiest days!!!

Daily Horoscopes Warns you of potentially troublesome times and situations!

Daily Horoscopes Provides Amazing Insights as its created considering your birth date, time and place.

Daily Horoscopes Individual horoscope of every day in your report.

Daily HoroscopesKnow your destiny and get in tune with it!

Daily Horoscopes Create awareness for every major and minor events in your life.

Daily Horoscopes Get them in your inbox every month!

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This forecast will make a believer out of you. It actually gave the exact dates of when my daughter came to visit a couple of summers back. I have gotten this reading for three years and am always amazed at how accurate it is. :)

- Christine, U.S.

Thank you for your clear, precise, and well-informed forecast. Forewarned is fore-armed. Half the battle lies when you know the foe. Thank you from the heart for the light! :D Mer se!

- Kathy, U.S.

Thanks a LOT! I really look forward to each monthly forecast. They are spot-on and I plan around the transits to go with the flow and keep myself sane. Thank you for this service!

- Kim, U.S

I have just completed reading my six month Personalized forecast I think it is fairly analytical and condensed. I also liked the little advice here and there when the transits are intense. But in a nut shell, thank you as it is an eye-opening analysis.

Sofia, Greece

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P.S. Its accurate and its risk free.. Its the best Personlized Horoscope Report, We guarantee you'll gain amazing insights from it!

You can also order the report, if birth time is unknown.

You can also send details or queries directly to maria [at]


  1. James

    Loved the report guysssssss! awesome!!!

  2. Michael

    Ordered yesterday, cant wait to receive it.. :)

  3. Miranda

    The insights are good, You have no idea how badly I use this reports in my daily life, do you provide personal consultation Maria?

  4. Asad Mohsin

    amaba a los informes, a hacer que!

  5. Cael Josephine

    I had been a believe in astrology for a long time, but professional astrologers costs a lot and I had no faith in online astrologers. I had my own astrologer for sometime but it cost a lot to have one, more than $500/month to help me in my business ventures and just my daily living, I bought this on a whim and have never looked back since, its more indepth and detailed than my regular astrologer, kudos to you Maria! Thanks a LOT!!!!!!!

  6. tochukwu ebisike

    Worth it!

  7. Nerissa Giles

    Guys, The report is got is sooooooooooooo trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

    Can I order for my younger brother too, we dont know his birth time?

  8. Angela Gibson

    Cant thank you more.using them for months now.cant ask for more accurate prediction..

  9. Adesewa Adegbola

    Using free horoscope available on newspapers was a clear waste of time, these horoscope made from my birthdate are very sccurate, its almost like someone knows my life.. I use them for my stock broking investment too..

  10. Karen

    My sister showed me this site, can I order if I dont know the birth time?

    • Sylvia Strahan

      Yes, you can!

  11. Tim

    Thanks a lot Maria!!!!

  12. Desislava Takova

    I want to learn astrology after this, do you guys teach it?

  13. Gail Garza

    Does it uses western astrology?

    • Neha Arora

      Yes, they do, but also provide extra suggestions based on vedic astro.


    Just received my report, seems so good and biggggggggggggggggggg! ;)

  15. Fred Taylor

    whatever i say might seems an over the top thing, but i cant thank enough.. been using it for months now and i use it as my bible.. i know whats gonna happen in my life today and tommorow.. my mood swings and it helps me a lot, heck my husband even reads my horoscope to deal with me haha

  16. Krystalia

    I am reselling your service to my clients.. no refunds ever :P

  17. Pway eng ong

    Awesome report

  18. Susan Rogers

    is it a two person reading or one?

    • Mrunali

      Its obviously a 1 person reading Susan. They send you horoscope reports, made accurately using your birth date. Your entire birth chart is taken inconsideration.

  19. Taylor-Jayne shepherd

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! a lot for the amazing report Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DSoul Willis

    Its wierd but i ordered even for my fiance, helps me understand him better :D and now i am going to make him read mine daily..

  21. Lyndsi Dufresne

    Thank you so much, I really felt like this forecast hit the nail on the head.

  22. Christine

    This forecast will make a believer out of you. It actually gave the exact dates of when my daughter came to visit a couple of summers back. I have gotten this reading for a long time and am always amazed at how accurate it is.

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